Liability insurance has become an important part of holiday party planning

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For customers who are hosting gatherings, a policy is a solid investment against unexpected expenses.

This time of year is filled with lots of gatherings, parties and celebrations and hosts will have more people into their homes than they typically would, making liability insurance even more important than usual.

In fact, in the unwanted event that things go wrong, an insurance company can become a best friend.

For this reason, many liability insurance companies are now recommending that party hosts add a revision of their policies to their to do lists. In order to prepare for a party, hosts need food, drinks, decorations, music, but also a way to cover themselves if a guest should accidentally become injured while on your property. Being properly prepared is simply a matter of reviewing the coverage that a customer has and then ensuring that it will be adequate to protect them against what could potentially go wrong.

While it may not seem like liability insurance should be a top priority, insurers are saying otherwise.

homeowners liability insurance christmas holidayJohn Bordignon from State Farm explained that it is a good idea for hosts to review their homeowners insurance policies so they will know exactly what kind of coverage they will have should something to awry with the crowd in attendance, particularly if someone were to be injured while on the host’s property. He explained that the “homeowners insurance policy can cover your liability if you’re deemed to be involved or at fault for something that could wrong in your home.”

Bordignon also pointed out that it is impossible to be able to predict how many injury claims will be made over the span of a given holiday season, but if a host would like to be able to protect him or herself and wants to avoid litigation, then prevention through coverage is one of the simplest and most important steps to take before entertaining.

It is also a good idea for hosts to take extra measures to protect their guests in the first place. While they may have liability insurance in place, a party would be better off without the incident actually occurring. Therefore, walkways should be kept free of ice, snow and wiring. There should be adequate lighting both indoors and outdoors. Railings along stairways should be clear to be held.

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