Latest Sandusky news shows insurer aiming for exemption from legal fees

US life insurance policy payout ruling

Sandusky news

Insurance company doesn’t want to pay for costs unrelated to the alleged victims.

The most recent Sandusky news involves another hearing that is still linked to the same investigation, but that is not connected with the alleged victims in the case, causing the insurance company to withdraw its willingness to pay for the legal fees.

This particular hearing involves a lawyer for the former coach, and an insurer representing the charity Sandusky founded.

An article in the Patriot-News stated that this case is over the responsibility that the insurance company for Second Mile has for the legal bills racked up by the former coach. The Federal Insurance Company has already made payments totaling $125,000 to the main attorney, Joe Amendola.

The Second Mile charity was created by Sandusky in order to assist youth who are at risk.

It is now being claimed by the prosecutors that this money is being used as a way to fund the recruiting and grooming of the alleged victims in the case. Now, the insurer is working to exempt itself from having to pay for the legal fees for Sandusky, though it will still provide coverage of the Second Mile charity.

The former coach has argued that he should also receive coverage. According to him, all of the expenses relating to his legal fees should be covered under a policy that applies to the directors of the charity.

The case was made before the a U.S. District Judge, but as of yet there has not been any ruling to be added to the latest in a long line of announcements that are continually being added to his name.

Equally, though, the criminal trial for the former coach, which involves fifty-two counts that are connected to child sex abuse will be beginning in under two weeks. This is regardless of who will be footing the bill for the man’s legal representation. Certainly, the decision of the judge will be crucial to the upcoming Sandusky news, as it will play a vital role in the defense options that will be available and to who will provide representation.


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