Landscape insurance covers homeowners with valuable gardens and trees

Landscape insurance - Home and Garden

Some homeowners have adequate coverage with their standard policies but others need more.

Summer is here and with it are the season’s severe storms and other potential risks that make homeowners look into landscape insurance.

Summer comes with a full range of highly destructive perils that can harm expensive landscaping.

Summer storms can be far more severe than spring rains. Hot temperatures can bring wild winds, downpours of rain, lightning strikes and damaging hail. If you have a good homeowners insurance policy, you’ll have the coverage you need to cover costs associated with repairing unexpected damages from these sources. However, your gardens and trees may or may not be as protected as you think.

If you’ve just had landscaping done or have planted some new trees or other expensive plants, you’ll want to review your homeowners policy. This will help you to know how much is covered, what is not covered, what is excluded and what your deductible would be if damage were to occur. If it is inadequate, you may want to look at landscape insurance to boost your coverage.

Another thing you can do that will help is getting some estimates on the planned landscape improvements through a local company like Lincoln landscaping experts for your garden needs and changes. Looking into this before having work done will give you an idea on how much your insurance coverage amount should be.

Landscape insurance can help to cover your natural outside sanctuary against severe weather.

Whether you’ve just had landscaping done or you previously had it done and haven’t yet looked into the insurance coverage you may have for it, there are certain steps that you should take. Look into coverage for any plants, shrubs, trees, flowerbeds, retaining walls, and other components that are costly to replace. These include the following:

• Review your current policy either on your own or with your insurance agent.
• Decide whether your homeowners insurance can be upgraded to adequately cover your garden or if you need a separate landscape insurance policy or rider.
• Ask about the cost of the deductible to your garden and tree coverage. This will help you to decide whether it would Landscape insurance - Home and Gardenbe less expensive for you to replace the expensive items in your garden or if it would be worthwhile to make a claim.
• Find out if a policy will cover the replacement value or the market value of your trees and garden.

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