Kansas wants to recruit more health insurance providers, as well as others

Iowa stopgap health insurance plan

New Insurance Commissioner aims to recruit insurers to provide better health insurance, and other coverage, options

Kansas has a new Insurance Commissioner, and he wants to ensure that consumers have access to a more robust insurance market than they did in the past. Ken Selzer has taken office as the Kansas Insurance Commissioner and he has promised to begin enticing more insurance companies to come to the state. As more insurers come to Kansas, the options that consumers have for coverage will grow. This will also introduce more competition in the state’s insurance market, which may lead to rate reductions and make coverage more accessible to a wider range of consumers.

Commissioner wants to find new ways to bring insurers to the state

Commissioner Selzer notes that finding ways to make the insurance industry more vibrant will be a priority. Selzer intends to have the best interests of consumers in mind when petitioning companies to come to the state. He will also work to ensure that the companies that already offer coverage in the state continue to provide consumers with high quality products. Consumer protection will also be a priority, with Selzer continuing the work of his predecessor, Sandy Praeger.

Iowa serves as an example for the recruiting initiatives being launched in Kansas

Iowa Health Insurance IndustryWhile campaigning for the office, Selzer highlighted Iowa as an example of what can be done by recruiting insurance companies to come to a particular market. Iowa has a recruiting plan in place and has created an image for itself that suggests state regulators actually understand how the insurance industry works. Selzer noted that Kansas lacks a focus on insurance companies, which has made insurers relatively cautious about coming to the state and offering products.

Working group will petition insurers to come to the state

Selzer has already formed an informal working group comprised of insurance representatives and educators. This group is being tasked with recruiting insurance companies to Kansas. The state aims to see more health insurance providers sell products within its borders, offering consumers a wider range of options when it comes to the coverage that they may be interested in.

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