Joplin tornado auto claims reach an estimated 18,000 so far

Joplin Tornado Damage StatisticsThe devastating tornado that recently hit Joplin, Missouri not only destroyed hundreds of homes, but also took thousands of vehicles leaving residents in destitute. Springfield News-Leader reported that as of the 1st day of June, insurance claims for lost vehicles in Joplin have reached 9,000. This is indeed an enormous figure showing the devastation left by the tornado that recently wrecked havoc in this part of Missouri. 

The number of victims trying to cope with the devastation brought by the tornado is increasing day by day in terms of transportation. This is eminent with the hundreds of residents in the area looking for other means to travel after having lost their vehicles when the tornado ripped through residential and commercial areas. 

City officials recently gave an estimate to the number of vehicles lost when the tornado tore the place on the 22nd of May. It says close to 18,000 vehicles were either lost or damaged by the tornado. 

Towing companies in the city like Comer’s Wrecker have been busy since the tornado struck the area two weeks ago. James Cain of Comer’s Wrecker said he has already towed 160 vehicles and around 40 of these were towed free for some customers. This only showed the number of vehicles lost by the devastating tornado. 

City manager Mark Rohr said. He further revealed that other residents in the city are currently driving rented cars. According to Rohr most of these vehicles are paid using insurance policies.

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