Janitorial insurance provides cleaning businesses affordable and necessary coverage

Janitorial Insurance - Industrial - Woman Worker

This coverage is designed to protect against the unique risks faced by this type of business.

When you have a home or office cleaning business, janitorial insurance is among the first things you’ll need to investigate as you get started. This coverage is a group of different policies that are packaged together for anything from residential maid services to commercial cleaning businesses.

The risks you need to cover depend on the type of cleaning services your company provides.

Depending on the size of your business and the nature of the services it provides, your janitorial insurance could cost from $350 to $3,500 per year. The specific amount you’ll pay is based on the types of policies that will be included in your complete coverage.

A small cleaning services company will usually pay around $350 to $800 per year for general liability insurance. Often, that is the most expensive – and certainly one of the most required – of the business policies you’ll need.

The other larger policy you may require is a business owners policy (B.O.P). They are typically paired with general liability and with commercial property coverage. When bundled, the rate is typically notably lower than is the case if each policy is purchased individually. A B.O.P. for a cleaning business will range from $750 to $1,300 if purchased independently.

Look for an insurer and an agent that has experience with janitorial insurance to buy your coverage.

Your general liability coverage pays for any third party claims made regarding property damage or for bodily harm. While most types of company will need that type of coverage, there are other policies that cleaning companies may also need to carry. These may include:

• General liability insurance
• Commercial property insurance
• Commercial auto insurance
• Workers compensation insurance
• Inland marine insurance
• Umbrella insurance

Choosing the right policies to complete your janitorial insurance coverage is important to the success of your business as well as to your peace of mind. Most quality customers will require you to provide proof of this coverage Janitorial Insurance - Industrial - Woman Workerin order to hire you. This makes it a worthwhile investment in order to obtain the best clients and to make sure that if anything does happen, you have the financial protection you require in order to avoid catastrophe.

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