It’s time to go over your hurricane preparedness once again

Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness

Don’t forget to go over your flood insurance coverage as a part of your emergency preparations.

The hurricane season from the Atlantic is now well underway and state emergency management agencies are urging the residents within the higher risk areas to make sure that they have considered their hurricane preparedness strategies to know that they are ready if severe weather strikes.

Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee brought a cruel reminder that flood insurance should not be overlooked.

Last year, these storms brought record breaking destruction through wind and flooding among the Atlantic coastal states. This was an eye opener to many people who had not realized that this type of flooding is not covered by a standard homeowners policy.

Authorities are recommending that families consider two different types of hurricane preparedness to make sure that they are ready for severe weather and that they have taken appropriate measures to ensure that their financial future will also be protected should they experience damage to their homes and belongings.

These two strategies are:

1. For remaining within their homes for the entire length of the storm.
2. For evacuating if the local authorities recommend that they do so.

In the first scenario, individuals should make sure that they have adequate provisions to last for a minimum of 72 hours in case it takes time for emergency responders to get to them following the severe weather. This includes both food and clean water for every family member (as well as pets). Other supplies that should be ready include:

• Wind up or battery operated flashlights and spare batteries
• A battery operated or wind-up portable radio
• A first aid kit and a manual for emergency care instructions
• A hand-powered can opener (or canned food will not be accessible)
• Essential prescription or other medications
• Credit cards, cash, and other forms of legal documentation
• Sturdy shoes

In the case that an evacuation is ordered, it is important that your strategy allow you to do so in a minimal amount of time and without hesitation. Make sure to bring:

• A driver’s license
• Birth certificates
• Social security cards
• Checkbooks
• Credit cards and their information
• Birth certificates
• Other documents and forms that prove identity or ownerships.

As a part of your hurricane preparedness efforts, all of these items should be stored in a place where they can be grabbed at a moment’s notice and taken with you right away without having to search around for them.


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