Is your home protected on July 4 in case of firework damage?

Firework damage - Fourth of July Celebration

A gorgeous pyrotechnic display is a fantastic way to polish off a red, white, and blue themed party.

Families and friends across the country are preparing to celebrate the fourth of July and should understand their coverage against firework damage to ensure that if something goes awry it won’t lead to financial ruin.

The National Fire Protection Agency says this is the biggest day of the year for home fires.

Firework damage is a serious risk. Though additional precautions can help to prevent disaster, it’s still important to understand your coverage and make sure the right protections are in place. The National Fire Protection Agency’s data shows that July 4 has more home fires than any other day of the year. Moreover, half of those blazes are caused by fireworks.

The first thing homeowners should do – particularly if they intend to include a pyrotechnics show as a part of their celebrations – is understand how to use them safely. That said, even when everything is done properly, accidents can still happen. For this reason, knowing the details and exceptions of your homeowners insurance are very important.

Understanding the details of homeowners insurance regarding fireworks damage coverage is vital.

Standard homeowners insurance policies include coverage against a spectrum of different perils, including fire. That said, this doesn’t mean that if anything should happen, the insurance company will simply sign off on all the associated expenses. Certain types of damage from firecrackers may be a part of a homeowner’s policy exclusions. As a result, this means that the repair costs may become out-of-pocket expenses.

The insurance industry recommends that homeowners review their policies before the celebrations begin. If you have any questions, contact your insurance agent or company rep to have the policy details and exclusions explained. This way, the policy can be updated to ensure appropriate coverage to cover your needs. Moreover, should the worst happen, you will know precisely what to expect from your insurer.

Of course, any coverage against firework damage will only remain in place if the firecrackers that cause a fire or injury were legal. Legality depends on state laws, so they should also be checked ahead of a home Firework damage - Fourth of July Celebrationpyrotechnics show. If illegal fireworks were used, resulting injury or damage will not be covered by a standard home insurance policy.

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