Is Mutual of Omaha Burial Insurance Right for Seniors Above 60?

what is burial insurance

The next of kin of those who pass away end up facing many costs to contend with, including burial expenses. Insurance coverage for this specific purpose taken in your lifetime duly protects your dependents by offering adequate support. A burial life insurance policy is designed to safeguard your family, left behind to deal with your passing’s financial consequences.

To cover the costs associated with your cremation, burial, and funeral service, opt for Mutual of Omaha burial insurance. Expenses that arise after death are significantly high, to the tune of thousands of dollars. Lifetime protection does not expire and puts you at ease, knowing when the time comes, your family does not face a financial crisis.

As a senior adult, you must be aware of the essential criteria your insurance service provider and corresponding policy must fulfill:

  • A reputed third-party agency assigning an impressive financial rating and classifying the company as financially strong
  • Make provisions for initiating and completing the policy application process online
  • Offer customizable options to meet your current needs
  • Have straightforward terms and conditions which leave no scope for ambiguity

Burial insurance is also referred to as final expense or funeral insurance. Mutual of Omaha burial insurance is a whole life policy wherein the funds your beneficiaries receive after your passing are tax-free. Also, your family can retain the money left over after clearing your funeral expenses.

Besides having no restrictions on how the claim funds are utilized, such an insurance plan’s highlights include:

  1. Fixed premiums that never increase
  2. The policy is valid throughout your lifetime
  3. No decrease in coverage value

Seniors above 60 years of age are entitled to the burial insurance which Mutual of Omaha offers. You will make a wise choice by proceeding because of:

Guaranteed Acceptance

Without undergoing a medical examination and answering health questions, you stand entitled to a whole life burial policy. Before applying for this coverage, you can check corresponding quotations online by availing of their instant quotes facility.

Value-Added Perks

The Mutual of Omaha official website is user-friendly with interactive tools to help you assess the insurance coverage you need. You have the option of adding a person to your existing policy. Through this plan, you even gain access to concierge services that plan funerals.

Highly Rated

The company, ‘Mutual of Omaha’ is ranked high for customer satisfaction and dependability. You can be confident that when the time comes, they will fulfill assurances made as their customers’ interest is a top priority.

This insurance provider ranks among the best in terms of overall satisfaction, product offerings, application, pricing, and communication. Having a reliable, supportive partner by your side with the highest financial ratings is half the battle won.

Competitive Price

The burial insurance coverage offered by this service provider is available at very competitive rates. Its price structure works in your favor considering the insurer issues the policy without knowing your present health condition.

A guaranteed acceptance policy like this one is issued without submitting your medical history or undergoing a check-up.

Relaxed Underwriting

As you age, it is natural sometimes to develop health complications. Mutual of Omaha, with its relaxed underwriting, accommodates even those above 60 with pre-existing conditions. You qualify for a burial insurance coverage, and your beneficiaries stand to gain from it after your passing.

Swift Claims Payout

When you file a claim by submitting all the necessary documentation, the payout processing happens swiftly. As long as your paperwork is in place, getting the requisite approvals does not take time. Once the approvals are granted, the corresponding payout is made to the authorized beneficiaries.

Trust a reputed insurance company in your senior years as they duly provide for your loved ones.


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