Is makeup artist insurance really necessary for your one-person business?

Makeup artist insurance - professional makeup application

There are many factors to take into consideration, including local laws obliging you to buy coverage.

When your small business consists of just yourself applying cosmetics for people heading to important events, you may wonder if makeup artist insurance is truly necessary.

Before you decide that it’s not a necessity for you, it’s important to know your local regulations.

Depending on where you live, you may not legally be required to purchase makeup artist insurance. In other areas business liability coverage require it by law. Be sure to check your city, state and federal regulations before deciding for certain. It’s easy to find out by simply heading to the state or municipal licensing board websites or giving them a call. You can even call an experienced insurance agent who may also be able to direct you toward the appropriate legal requirements.

That said, even if you are not legally obliged to buy coverage, it’s still worth learning about. You may find that it is more affordable than you think. Moreover, many of your customers may require you to provide proof of insurance coverage before they will hire you. At the same time that it provides you with an advantage in bringing in new clients, it also offers you protections from financial risks that could be devastating to your business survival.

Makeup artist insurance may cover you against a range of expensive issues that could go wrong.

Remember that even if you are professionally trained, highly experienced and very careful, the unexpected can happen. There are mistakes and disasters that are too big to be removed with a cotton pad and some micellar water.

Things can simply happen. You can personally make a mistake. A client could have an allergic reaction during a consultation or application. It’s also not unheard of that your professional makeup kit and/or tools could be lost or stolen. We’re only human. You may arrive at a person’s house to create their look for a wedding only to accidentally bump that valuable antique off its display and smash it.

The right makeup artist insurance can provide you with liability coverage as well as a range of other forms of protection against costly legal fees, replacements of broken or missing items or other unexpected high costs. Consult with a professional Makeup artist insurance - professional makeup applicationinsurance agent to learn more about the types of coverage your specific business might need and how to obtain them in an affordable way.

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