International travel insurance more common than domestic among Americans

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More people in the U.S. purchase coverage if they’re traveling outside the country, says AAA Travel.

Americans are more likely to purchase international travel insurance than coverage when they are traveling domestically, says a new AAA Travel study.

Travelers are more likely to think they need coverage if they’re leaving the country.

The research showed that almost four in ten Americans – 38 percent – will typically buy international travel insurance for their trips. Among those individuals, the most important benefit to those policies is trip cancellation defense. Among those who are most likely to purchase travel insurance policies, 88 percent said that their top priority is to be able to obtain a refund if they cancel a trip.

“From family emergencies to natural disasters, there are many unknowns that can throw an unexpected wrench into a planned vacation,” said AAA Arizona spokesperson Michelle Donati in a KTAR interview “Travelers are increasingly not taking chances and choosing to invest in the value and peace of mind that travel insurance can provide.”

People were most likely to purchase international travel insurance for personal or family concerns.

After concerns regarding personal or family matters, the next issues that helped to convince consumers to purchase travel insurance coverage included: the amount of time in advance the trip was booked; recommendations family and friends had made in favor of purchasing the added travel coverage.

“The relatively small upfront cost of travel insurance can pay back dividends in the event of sudden and emergency circumstances before or during a vacation,” explained Donati. She went on to point out that with the greater complexity of coverage options, it becomes increasingly important that consumers consult with a travel agent to be sure they make the right selections for their needs.

Travel insurance often provides a range of additional benefits of which many consumers aren’t aware. There are times when a traveler will have coverage for a challenge they have faced without even knowing it, for example, lost baggage or lost or stolen items from luggage.

International Travel Insurance - Woman tourist taking photosInternational travel insurance is also purchased for peace of mind in covering medical expenses in case the traveler becomes sick or is injured. It appears that more people are concerned over these issues when they leave the country than when they are within the United States.

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