International Snowmobile Safety Week is here and riders are urged to play it safe

Snowmobile InsuranceThe top four manufacturers of snowmobiles have announced their support of the International Snowmobile Safety Week, which runs from January 15 through January 21, this year, and they are hoping to encourage riders everywhere to use their machines responsibly not only this week, but throughout the entire season.

The industry has traditionally used this week to advance safety enforcement and education, and they feel that they have been making great strides in this effort. They recognize, though, that snowmobile safety isn’t just something that lasts for a single week, but it is instead a project that must continue year-round, with support from clubs, safety trainers, enforcement officials, associations, manufacturers, and dealers worldwide.

The snowmobile community first came together for the “Safe Riders! You Make snowmobiling safe” campaign, in 1995. Since that time, instructions, tips, and advice about safety have been shared throughout the marketplace to teach, encourage, and insist upon safe behaviors while snowmobiling.

The DVD called “Safe Riders!” has been used around the globe by trainers, who have also been using a TV and radio public service announcement that has been developed to remind snowmobilers that they should ride safely and responsibly. Also available is the Snowmobile Safety brochure and the Snowmobiling Fact Book.

The top recommendations of the campaign include the following:

• Don’t drink and ride
• Know the local ice conditions before heading out
• Slow down and be watchful for unexpected conditions and events when riding at night
• Stay on the trail, ride safely, and respect private property
• Be careful when crossing roads
• Check for avalanche risks and be prepared
• Ride on the right side and remain in control of the vehicle
• Never ride alone

Insurance professionals are also urging snowmobile owners to call their agent before going out. Some riders do not realize that they are not covered under their homeowners insurance and how important snowmobile insurance really is. This type of policy is fairly cheap, on average annual premiums run between $125 to $300 depending on your state and the coverage levels choosen.

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