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Rating: 5 stars is an online insurance marketplace and educational resource with a goal of simplifying insurance decision-making for consumers through education and comparison of companies, quotes, ratings, reviews, products and services, benefits, etc.

If you’re presently searching for the best insurance company, both this review and this website are going to benefit you.

Based in the startup nation of Israel, has blossomed into a full-scale business servicing the American market since its establishment in 2019. At present, a group of talented Israelis run this website.

The founder and CEO of the company is Ofir Sahar, who started as a digital marketer and transitioned into an entrepreneur that started many successful ventures, including The goal and vision for the site is to create a free reliable source of information and education for insurance consumers before they make their purchases, to help them make better decisions with their money. Moreover, the website help reputable insurance companies, both traditional and new, technological and innovative insurance companies, connect with consumers easily. A win-win on the three parties involved.

Sahar is joined by another Israeli in running the website, Idan Ohayon, the CTO and tech expert of the company is responsible for the website’s user-friendliness and seamless process of connecting consumers to insurance companies. Together with a team of developers and industry experts, they smash the insurance world with professional reviews and delivering tips and guides for the benefit of insurance consumers.

How does the process work?

The website is free to use. In order to start your search for the best insurance company in the US, you need to access Insuranks’ website through your desktop or mobile device. If you just want to read guides and tips and educate yourself about insurance, the website provides endless information. But if you are ready to compare companies, you need to first choose the line of insurance you want to buy. You will then be asked to provide some information. It can simply be a zip code, depending on the type of insurance.

For instance, if you want to get an auto insurance, you will be asked to input your zip code only. After this, the algorithm will provide you with the company’s top recommendations offering auto insurance in your area. In a few seconds, a list of company names with their quotes (only exact life insurance quotes are shown at the website at the moment), ratings, starting prices, discounts offered, perks and benefits offered, etc. will be shown for your perusal. 

Once you’ve selected the company you think is best for you, you just need to press the Get Started button and you’ll be directed to the insurance company’s website to complete your purchase. It only takes a few minutes to finish your transaction, it is seamless.

What is the range of covered products?

It offers a wide range of coverage for products from the best insurance companies in the US. You’ll not only receive information for these companies, you’ll also be provided additional guidance by means of published articles and reviews that will help you make better decisions. The covered products offered by Insuranks include:

  • Auto insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Medicare
  • Cyber insurance
  • Marine insurance Customer Ratings and Reviews

Amazingly, receives a perfect 5 from 5 average star rating from customers across the US online. Some of the most common feedback given to the website has to do with its added value, service, quality of information, and ease of use. online insurance website


Purchasing an insurance policy can be overwhelming especially if your knowledge about it is inadequate. However, you can’t deny the importance of purchasing one. If you are an American and doesn’t have the time to compare quotes, companies, coverages, benefits, and many other factors, then will be very helpful for you with it and ease your searcg for the best insurance companies since all the details you need can be pulled out in just a few clicks. 

It is a trusted website and source of accurate, objective and helpful information. With technology becoming people’s ally in fast tracking transactions, we recommend that you take advantage of Insuranks’ online platform to upgrade the insurance consumer you are. 

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