Insurance technology over mobile is helping agents and brokers

iphone mobile insurance technology

From smartphones and tablets to mobile apps and web portals, tech is easing the strain on these industry pros.

When it comes to agents and brokers working at smaller firms, insurance technology is helping to be able to keep up with the various processes that are an absolute necessity but that can be very time consuming.

Some of these processes include policy details, confirmation of coverage, proof of coverage, and payments reviews.

The reason is that brokers and agents receive many calls every day that are based on transactions. This shrinks the amount of time that these individuals have to be able to serve other customers and to be able to acquire new business. Customers have questions and they want immediate service. It is no longer acceptable to be put on hold and rarely to people ever want to actually travel to the firm to speak to the professional in person. It is in this way that insurance technology is making all the difference.

Insurance technology such as mobile apps can answer many of the questions that typically generate phone calls.

iphone mobile insurance technologyTransactional calls such as confirmations of policy, payment, and coverage, can now often be avoided in a way that is completely satisfactory to many smartphone and tablet owning customers. Instead of having to call, they can use an app or mobile friendly website that allows them to sign in and view the details of their own accounts and policies.

As there are a growing number of companies that are offering those services to agencies and brokerages, it is making this type of service much more accessible to even smaller firms, allowing them to keep up with the “big guys” and with the demands of their customers, at the same time.

This, combined with the fact that their own smartphones and tablets are freeing them from being chained to their desks, has started to open up a new window of opportunity for drumming up new business and improving the health of their firms. The one thing that it does require is for these professionals to ensure that they have the best and most reliable insurance technology that they can afford, including the devices they use, the mobile accessories they choose, and the apps they select. Tech is great, but it only provides an advantage when it is actually working. A glitch app or a dead battery can negate the benefits.

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