Mercury shares insurance policy savings tips with its customers

Insurance Policy - Helpful Tips

The insurer released a Holiday Buyer’s Guide to help consumers get the right coverage for a better price.

With the holiday season now underway, the odds are higher that a claim will be made on an insurance policy than they are at most other times of the year. That said, a claim can only be made if the right coverage is in place, moreover, not all coverage is priced equally. Therefore, Mercury has issued a Holiday Buyer’s Guide to help people to find precisely what they need and at the best price.

Many consumers don’t realize that shopping for coverage is the same as shopping for any product.

Consumers are comfortable hunting for the best deal when they shop for gifts throughout the holiday season. That said, they often don’t realize that an insurance policy can be shopped for in the same way. Moreover, having the right coverage at this time of year is often more important than at others.

Insurance Policy - Holiday savings

“The holidays are filled with the anticipation of giving and receiving gifts,” said Mercury Insurance Vice President and Chief Claims Officer Randall Petro. “If you’re looking to give something that can save you money and provide some added safety, Mercury Insurance has some ideas that will round out the perfect holiday wish list.”

The Holiday Buyer’s Guide offers consumers many ways to save on their insurance policy.

Mercury’s guide offers tips to save on premiums for both auto and home coverage. They recommend talking to an auto insurance agent about the following potential discounts:

  • Whether a new vehicle purchase would result in bigger savings, including electric vehicles.
  • If a dashcam will offer discounts because it will help to record evidence in the case of a crash, for instance.
  • Driving aides such as the MercuryGo app that scores a driver’s safety level and offers suggestions to improve it. Moreover, drivers who prove themselves to be a low risk can receive greater discounts on premiums.

When it comes to home insurance policy discounts, Mercury recommended discussing the following with an agent:

  • Installing smart fire alarms and sensors that not only alert people in the building but also provide push notifications on associated mobile devices.
  • Installing smart leak detection that can detect water leaks.
  • Installing home security systems for 24/7 monitoring and push notifications.

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