Insurance news update reveals Usher’s stepson passed away

Flowers for Kile Glover

Flowers for Kile Glover

Eleven year old Kile Glover was taken off life support.

A sad update to the latest insurance news has reported that Kile Glover, the stepson of R&B singer, Usher, has died after he was taken off life support on Saturday.

The boy had been declared brain dead on July 8 following a terrible jet ski accident.

This became leading insurance news when Glover’s mother, Tameka Foster, found herself in the position that she had to choose whether to take her son off life support or find alternative ways to pay the medical expenses when her insurer stopped sending payments. She had been informed that a recovery of any significant nature was extremely unlikely.

Furthermore, Foster would not have been able to pay for the medical expenses that would have been required to pay for her son’s life support.

This unfortunate insurance news is a situation faced by many Americans every day.

The family’s medical coverage extended only for one month following a diagnosis of being brain dead. After that point, the payments would no longer continue and it would have been up to the child’s mother to find a new source of money to pay for those costly expenses.

Although Usher and Foster have now been divorced for several, insurance news also indicated that he was a strong support to her throughout this very difficult time. Usher was said to have flown to Georgia in order to spend time with the family. Despite being surrounded by loved ones, Kile Glover’s mother is said to be understandably “devastated” over her son’s passing.

The accident that caused the severe injuries to Kile involved a collision with a jet ski while he had been riding on an inner tube in Atlanta, Georgia, on Lake Lanier. Authorities reported that the jet ski’s rider was a family friend. He had been riding behind the pontoon pulling the tube Glover was riding, when he lost control and collided with Glover.

Another child, an unidentified 15 year old, was also injured at the time. Both were airlifted to hospital, where the insurance news was first made regarding the tragic diagnosis.

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