Insurance news made with John Cleese’s article

John Cleese insurance news article

The British comedian, actor, writer, and producer has declared his love for coverage.

John Cleese insurance news article
Though insurance news isn’t rare, though it occasionally pops up in some unexpected places, and in this case, it was an article written by John Cleese, when he wrote an article entitled “Why I love insurance”, which was published in The Province.

The English actor is best known for his role in the wildly popular Monty Python movies and series.

The insurance news article began with a personal history from Cleese, in which he briefly described his father’s life in the industry. He was an insurance salesman who travelled to Hong Kong, Bombay, and Canton to sell marine coverage until he returned to Somerset, England, to work for a large insurer in 1924.

The article was filled with both the past and present and gave a deeper relevance to coverage.

Cleese described his father’s successes in selling a larger amount of life insurance than any other employee of the insurer. He credited that success to being fair and kind, so that he built a trust among Somerset’s bank managers and legal community. They knew that they could recommend Reg Cleese to their clients, friends, and family, with the security of knowing that the man wouldn’t try to sell any more than they needed.

The actor and comedian explained that throughout his entire upbringing, insurance was good, and coverage and the industry as a whole was seen in a positive light. It wasn’t until he grew older that he realized how unpredictable life could really be. He explained that “It is now expected, and so becomes exactly what you are expecting. On the contrary, the frustrating thing about the unexpected is that, there you are going along, expecting the expected, and things are happening just as you expected, and then, just when you least expect it, it happens.”

He therefore stated that he had therefore always believed that purchasing a policy was the only way to be able to sleep at night, with the peace of mind of knowing that there is coverage against those unexpected events.

To polish it off, Cleese described an event while traveling on vacation, in which he received a cut to his eye area (though not the eye itself) as a result of a rogue champagne cork in his hotel room. It was his travel coverage that saved his holiday and financial future when he needed to seek treatment. It is, as he said, for this reason that “I love insurance!”

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