Insurance news looks great for people living in smaller cities

Insurance News

A recent study has shown that costs are measurably lower than they are in larger urban centers.

Insurance NewsAccording to the insurance news making study that was conducted by ValuePenguin, there are some considerable advantages to living in smaller cities when compared to living in larger ones, and one of them is the fact that the cost of coverage is lower.

The research found that in Ohio, people paid lower insurance rates in small cities than in larger ones.

For example, in the insurance news report on the study, it showed that people who live in Brunswick, which is located near Cleveland, were the ones that paid the lowest rates, which were an estimated yearly $557. This represents a savings of 20 percent over the average in the state, which was $685. In second and third place were Findlay and Bowling Green, which are both located in northwest Ohio. They were followed by the fourth place Mentor, which is located in northeast Ohio.

The insurance news research found that all of the areas with the lowest rates were in the smaller cities.

Within the central part of Ohio, the sixth place in terms of low premiums was in Marion. Lancaster held the twelfth place, much farther down the list, whereas Newark was even farther than that, in 19th place.

Among the larger cities in the state, it was Columbus that was able to brag about the lowest rates, with its average premiums ringing in at $742 per year. While that is 8 percent higher than the Ohio average, it was still lower than the average price being paid in the rest of the large cities throughout the state.

The research also went on to make more insurance news by pointing out the companies that were offering the coverage for the lowest price. The cheapest policies were reported to have come from Farmer’s, Geico, and USAA. That said, it is also worth pointing out that the coverage from USAA is available only to current and former members of the U.S. military as well as their family members. Therefore, it can’t simply be purchased by the regular public.

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