Insurance news from Texas includes commissioner leaving role

Insurance news - Eleanor Kitzman Texas Insurance Commissioner

Insurance news - Eleanor Kitzman Texas Insurance CommissionerEleanor Kitzman has announced that she will no longer be maintaining her role in the regulatory agency.

Insurance news is being made at the head of the Texas regulatory agency as Eleanor Kitzman has announced to her staff that she will no longer be continuing in her role as the state’s commissioner.

Today is the final day of her time as a commissioner as it is the closing date of the legislative session.

Kitzman is not able to continue serving after today, as it is the last day of the legislative session. This insurance news came when her appointment as commissioner failed to receive the Senate’s confirmation. She first took the position in the summer of 2011, but without the confirmation of the Senate, she is no longer able to continue.

The insurance news announcement was made during a department briefing that was held on Thursday.

The head of the Texas Department of Insurance head made the insurance news statement during the West fertilizer plant explosion briefing. The appointment of Kitzman was first made by Governor Rick Perry during the interim period that occurred between legislative sessions, meaning that she was not required to obtain the necessary Senate confirmation. However, from this point onward, she would need two thirds of the state Senate to give their approval, and that has not been the case.

The Senate Nominations Committee chairman, State Senator Glenn Hegar (R-Katy) had previously made the insurance news statement that he would not be considering Kitzman within his committee until an official formal appointment letter from Perry had been submitted to him from Perry.

As the letter never arose, and neither the committee nor the Senate held a vote to confirm Kitzman’s position, it meant that, by default, the insurance news would be that she could not continue as the commissioner.

On Friday, the Governor’s Office released an official insurance news statement to confirm the departure of Kitzman. A spokesperson for Perry, Josh Havens, said “Commissioner Kitzman brought a great deal of dedication and experience to the TDI, and Gov. Perry is grateful for her service to the state.”