Insurance news from Superstorm Sandy continues with legal battles

Hurricane Sandy Damage flood Insurance surcharge

Hurricane Sandy Damage Insurance newsVictims of the storm are seeking lawyers to help them when they head to the courts.

Victims of Superstorm Sandy are continuing to face considerable challenges which are making insurance news headlines as these individuals and families are now seeking legal representation in order to help them to obtain the funds that they feel are owing to them from their insurers.

In many cases, it is not that the insurers haven’t paid out, but that the policyholders feel that damage was underestimated.

One instance of this type of insurance news story is in the case of Diana Rocco, whose insurer told her that her Lavallette cottage roof damage was minor, following the storm. Thought the storm happened at the end of October 2012, in April 2013, she still has water pouring into her living room when it rains. She feels that the damage that occurred to the roof was grossly underestimated.

In many cases the payments being exposed in insurance news stories are startlingly small.

In Rocco’s case, her payment for her complete roof repair and all of the damage to the rest of her property was $201.90. Her own starting costs for the roof were $500 and it rose from there to repair the rest of the damages. This is the situation being faced by many policyholders who experienced damage after Superstorm Sandy, and they are now making fresh insurance news stories as they seek lawyers to try a new tack for receiving the payments that they feel are their due.

Though some homeowners are finding that their insurers were legally entitled not to pay, as they did not have the required coverage – such as flood coverage, which is not automatically included in the standard home policy – others feel that they were adequately covered but that their insurers simply were not paying what they should have.

It has reached the point that the insurance news is no longer a battle between the policyholders and their insurers. It has now escalated to the point that enough time and battles have past that these arguments are headed toward the courts and that they will soon be the headlines.

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