Insurance news from Canada shows Insurers among “best corporate citizens”

Insurance News - corporate citizens

Several companies were ranked among the leaders on a list of the top corporate citizens in the country.

The official insurance news list of the fifty companies that made the 2013 Best Corporate Citizens in Canada has now been released by Corporate Knights magazine, which looks at a number of different factors as it establishes its ranks every year.

This year, the ranks included a number of insurers for their high performances in the various areas.

In order to make this insurance news 12 different sustainability metrics are scored on a scale of 0 to 100 percent, including health and safety performance, greenhouse gas productivity, and pension fund quality.

Insurance News - corporate citizensThe insurance news revealed that among all of the companies, insurers ranked very well overall.

According to the Corporate Knights magazine insurance news report, “Companies are ranked exclusively against their industry peers, and scored on a 0-100% scale using only those metrics that are widely disclosed in their respective industry.”

Third place went to the Co-operators, which came in behind only Vancouver City Savings Credit Union and Treck Resources in this insurance news headline. The number 18 spot was taken by Intact Financial, and SunLife Financial placed at 41.

According to The Co-operators CEO and president, Kathy Bardswick, “Four of the top ten organizations on the list are co-operatives, which reflects the commitment of co-ops to contributing to the well-being of their communities.” She went on to express how proud the company is of the efforts that its workers are making throughout Canada in order to help to make certain that the insurer lives up to their goals of becoming a “catalyst for a sustainable society”.

She pointed out that this insurance news is the result of efforts engaged in their “sustainability journey” at each level of the company, and that it was the combination of all of these different efforts that has allowed them to make this achievement and receive this recognition.

This wasn’t exclusively insurance news, as other companies also made the list from outside of the industry, including a number of major Canadian brands, such as Bombardier and Tim Horton’s.

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