Insurance news being made by Amy Grant and her father

Insurance News Amy Grant NAIC

Insurance News Amy Grant NAICThe Grammy award winning singer has announced her support for the NAIC in light of her dad’s health.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has placed itself in the insurance news spotlight, as it makes headlines through the support that it has received through Amy Grant.

The musician has been speaking about the importance of coverage to protect consumers against the unexpected.

Grant has been making insurance news headlines as she highlights the benefits of purchasing policies to guard against damaging events. She explained that “Planning ahead and getting smart about insurance can give you peace of mind,” and then added that “That’s why I support the NAIC.”

The hope is that this insurance news campaign will help consumers to obtain the coverage that they need.

The singer, who has received the Gospel Music Association’s Dove Awards more than 20 times, described her support for the NAIC in a video that was recorded for that American group. She is hopeful that the insurance news attention that she is generating will help to show people the importance of being covered by a policy.

The insurance news campaign that includes Grant is an effort by the NAIC to boost its visibility as its members continue to work to deal with various coverage regulations and changes on a national and international level. One example is the expansion of the federal involvement in healthcare coverage, as well as the efforts of Europeans to regulate capital. In January, former Democratic Senator, Ben Nelson, was named the chief executive of the group.

According to the president of the NAIC, Jim Donelon, who is also the commissioner in Louisiana and who made an insurance news statement at the time of Nelson’s appointment, “We needed the gravitas, the phone calls returned, to go to Capitol Hill, to tell our story, defend our turf.”

According to the NAIC, the insurance news remarks made by Amy Grant were video recorded in Tennessee, her home state. The musician is very experienced with the type of assistance that policies can provide, as she cared for her mother in her own home during her mother’s final days through the battle with dementia. Today, the singer and her sisters are jointly caring for their father, who is suffering from that same illness. She stated that what she has learned is to “Protect the people and things you love. Enjoy every second life gives you. And, plan ahead so when unexpected turns come, you’re ready.”

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