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Insurance Top 10 Marketing Tips

Success if never an accident in the insurance business. Those that do well often have a game plan that they go to without fail. Social networking works well for online insurance marketing if an agent or agency knows what to do and how to do it. However, do not neglect tried and true in-person marketing as well. Here are ten tips to help you get ahead of the game and to find success with social media platforms and in your community.

  1. Have a game plan. If you blindly build sites without direction, you are probably going to flounder. Look at other well done campaigns and see what they offer. You can then use some ideas in your own marketing plan. Tailor what you find towards insurance. There are fun and easy ways to keep customers engaged and coming back.
  2. Take advantage of the power of a press release. These small articles can be powerhouses in promotions. Find at least four occasions a year to send out a press release. Hire someone to write an attention-grabbing release that gives journalists a reason to pick up on it and run with it.
  3. Appreciate your clients with events just for them. Some professionals keep in mind that it is easier to keep an existing client than to find a new one. ThereforeInsurance Marketing Tips, hosting a dinner or other event for your best clients (and spouses or family) is a great marketing move. You can do something small with ten of your best, or host a community event like a golf tournament for twenty or thirty. Cost can be an issue, but see what you can do.
  4. Engage rather than ‘sell.’ All out sales pitches are huge turn-offs and consumers are tired of them. Instead, make it known what you do, but engage in a personal and positive manner. Offer up contests, games, trivia, and other fun activities. This builds your brand and your reputation. These things often mean more to a client than an actual quote. They are buying you as well as buying insurance.
  5. Use video. YouTube makes it possible for anyone to upload and share videos and the service is free. Use high quality videos on your social media outlets to encourage fun. Humorous videos can go viral, which means they are seen by millions. Produce high-quality videos and share them on all of your sites and your blog.
  6. Invest in your community. As an insurance agent, you have to reach new people. Many find success with community events and fundraising endeavors. Not only are you helping your local area be a better place to live, you are also helping others to give to help those less fortunate. This is not only going to portray you as a giving person, it also helps your brand.
  7. Put your clients first. It is a pain to see a complaint pop up on your Facebook fan page. A tweet about a problem is seen by all of your followers. Handle these with grace and a positive attitude and fix it. Let the world see how you treat your clients. Always address complaints and questions as quickly and as accurately as you can and watch your reputation grow.
  8. Get moving! Success does not happen when sitting still. I happens when you take action. Doing something small is better than doing nothing at all. Make each day about small steps that work towards a larger goal. Post on your social networks, answer questions, show up to events, and even to lend a hand when disaster strikes. Consistency and motion will help you win the race.
  9. Stay up-to-date with events that effect your clients. This is crucial to understanding and anticipating the needs of your clients. By being current with these trends and events, you have answers before your customers ask questions. That makes you reliable and knowledgeable.


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