Insurance news about Nationwide’s management of the security breach is covered up

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insurance news security breach privacyThe massive insurer’s lawyers are being used to protect the details of the occurrence last October.

Nationwide is currently doing its best to try to keep its insurance news as small as possible, regarding the investigations into the security breach that occurred last October, which exposed the information of 1.1 million Americans.

The insurer is taking considerable efforts, through the use of a law firm, to protect the secrecy of the issue.

Both state and federal investigators are currently looking into this insurance news, in order to better understand precisely what happened and how it was handled. Nationwide has hired a legal firm to perform its own investigation into the breach of security, but is using its attorney-client privilege to help to keep as much secrecy around the issue as possible, particularly in terms of the results that are found.

This is Nationwide’s response to the insurance news that was made when it fell victim to cyber attacks.

This is not a unique practice to Nationwide or to insurance news as a whole. In fact, there are many different companies that have been the victims of cyber attacks and that have looked to law firms for the type of unique protection that they can provide. There are now leading law firms that have started to specialize in precisely this type of investigation into data breaches, so that their clients can know that the results that are discovered will be kept protected.

Often, a data security firm will be contracted by the legal counsel in order to conduct the actual analysis of the insurance news. In the case of Nationwide, however, some are seeing the company’s effort to protect itself from the disclosure of potentially harmful discoveries to be relatively pointless. The reason is that there is still the possibility that a third party investigation will be mandated. In that case, whatever findings the investigators determine would not be kept private, but would be opened to the public.

This latest insurance news of the resistance of the insurer has arrived at the same time that there has been a push for greater transparency from the U.S. government. The government is aiming to encourage private firms to be more open as the risk of major security breaches increases.