Insurance marketing success with social media


Social media is hot right now, and may remain so for quite some time.

This trend blends personal profiles with businesses and services. Those using social media can like or follow anything they find interesting. As you know, insurance can be a dry subject, but it does not have to be. If you can find ways to remain relevant and engaging on social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google, and Twitter, you can see amazing results. A little effort in online insurance marketing can go a long way.

You have to find something interesting to say, and you have to say it often.

Think of interesting tidbits about insurance or little known facts to add to your site. Try posting something at least a few times a week, even if no one is looking yet. First time users then see a lot of great stuff and are more likely to follow along. Share pictures of community projects or involvement. Help out with charities and ask for ‘likes’ in exchange for dollars going to charity. Post stories about the most outrageous insurance claims that you can dig up. Have fun with it.

Promotions are always hits on social media and there is no reason why insurance agencies cannot do the same. Run a program where you give away something free in exchange for asking for a quote or taking part in an event. Look to local events and holidays for inspiration. Post information about safety around seasons. Share relevant information on insurance rates and quotes, and give useful information that people can use to keep their policy prices down. Also, avoid being too much of a sales pitch. If you are an individual agent, be as personal as you can without sounding too ‘corporate.’ Isocialnstead, be real and keep a smile on your face, even if users cannot actually see it.

When engaging with customers on social network platforms, remain positive.

Allow customers to post whatever they want, though you can draw the line with offensive material or out-right spam content. Ask for reviews and address complaints or questions in a professional and positive manner.  Ask for community input and keep up to date with what is going on. Updating customers on local events is a great way to keep them engaged. Posting polls and fun questions are a great idea as well. Asking users to post about their most embarrassing accident can be a fun way to keep users on your site as well as to draw others in. Once your ideas start to flow, you’ll find it is easier than you thought.