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Insurance Jobs
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Though most people think of sales when they consider employment in this area, the industry is working to change that.

As the recovery period continues in the United States and around the world from the last recession, it appears as though insurance jobs have fared rather well and that there will be security within that industry well into the foreseeable future.

The insurance industry has created a very good reputation for itself when it comes to employment.

Moreover, the when it comes to insurance jobs, there is a broad range of different types of positions that are involved. At the job fair held at Westfield University, Connie Frey spoke with Millennials in order to not only promote careers within this industry, but also to help to underscore the fact that this is not a matter of selling. She stated that “Many (college students) think only about a sales job when they hear insurance,” and added that among those who don’t feel that they are right for sales, they will often “stop pursuing it.”

Part of the security in insurance jobs is that there are consistently new openings and they are in a range of areas.

Insurance JobsThe issue that the insurance industry is now facing is with its own reputation. The impression that its positions are exclusively a matter of selling has caused it to face a kind of talent gap. This is because young people who are at the point of beginning their careers aren’t aware of the opportunities that this industry has for them and they, therefore, don’t even investigate it.

It is up to insurance companies to boost awareness of what they have to offer to potential employees in terms of job opportunities that go well beyond sales. There are many examples of the types of job that insurers need to fill that have very little – or nothing at all to do with sales. At the event, there were a handful of interesting examples that were provided.

Among the insurance jobs that don’t involve selling are the nurses hired by Medical Mutual of Ohio. Art history majors are employed by Progressive. As well as the marketing associates, accountants, adjusters, human resources professionals, underwriters, customer service representatives, and IT specialists that are hired by just about every insurance company.

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