Insurance industry worker shortage needs young professionals to take the job

Insurance industry worker shortage - Hiring - Jobs

Insurers are working hard to appeal to a new generation of employees, and some are getting creative.

The insurance industry worker shortage is forcing insurers to get creative when it comes to recruiting new young professional workers. Millennials as a whole don’t find the industry appealing for their careers.

Some insurance companies are using creative efforts to draw young professionals to work for them.

A recent Business Observer report pointed out that some more clever bosses are looking for unique ways to appeal to those young professionals. In fact, some are even offering a ride from the airport to candidates from out of town who are willing to meet.

The report discussed Dave Rich, Ensurem CEO from Clearwater, Florida. Rich is continually watching for potential new employees. His company offers an online information platform for insurance and insurance product sales. It employs between 40 and 45 people. That said, it struggles just as much as large nationwide insurers when it comes to making sure its positions are filled by the best possible employees.

The insurance industry worker shortage is the result of a changing mindset over desirable careers.

Moreover, many say that the insurance industry has failed to clearly demonstrate the types of employment opportunities it has to offer. Many people have an outdated image of the kinds of positions available at insurance companies and agencies.

For instance, many Millennials have no idea that there is a sizeable technology component to the insurance industry. Therefore, there are many tech-based insurance company jobs that aren’t being filled. Insurers need to work harder to educate the next generation of young professionals regarding the current reality and the types of opportunities it has to offer.

Rich keeps an open mind and is willing to take extra steps to spot and hire precisely the right individuals. Once they’re onboard, he provides an enjoyable workplace where they’ll want to stay.

“I hired my Uber driver,” said Rich. “I think I was his first ride.”

The driver picked Rich up at the airport, and his inexperience was evident. Therefore, Rich inquired as to what the driver did before his Uber job. The driver had a web design background, so Rich invited him to call him the next morning so they could discuss possible opportunities. The driver was hired and continues to work at Ensurem. Moreover, that driver has referred four other employees to the company. It is this type of alternate strategy that is Insurance industry worker shortage - Hiring - Jobsrequired to overcome the insurance industry worker shortage. It will be interesting to see what strategies larger insurers employ as the need to hire more young professionals increases and becomes even more competitive.

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