Insurance industry may gain access to drones

commercial drones crop insurance industry news

AIG receives approval to use drones to assess property damage

The American International Group (AIG), one of the largest insurance providers in the United States, has announced that it has received approval to use drones to inspect properties throughout the country. This approval has come from the Federal Aviation Administration, which enforces strict regulations when it comes to the commercial use of drones. These drones are small aerial units that are controlled remotely. These drones are typically used for recreational purposes due to federal regulations.

Commercial use of drones is strictly controlled by the Federal Aviation Administration

AIG is one of several companies in the insurance industry that intends to use drones for various purposes. These aerial units could be valuable for insurers that need to assess property damage in the wake of a natural disaster. Such disasters can make it difficult for insurance adjusters to visit particular locations, which can slow the claims process in a major way. Because drones are not tethered to the earth, they can make assessments of damage and provide valuable data to insurance companies.

Some companies are able to test the viability of drones for the insurance industry

commercial drones insurance industry newsThe Federal Aviation Administration has granted approval to some insurance companies to test drones for specific purposes. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance is one of the companies that has received this approval, as is United Services Automobile Association. These companies are testing the viability of drones to determine whether or not they would be useful for the insurance industry at large. The United Services Automobile Association believes that drones could be used to inspect catastrophe sites when there are no other options available.

Insurance industry is becoming better versed in the use of new technologies

The insurance industry is beginning to use new technology in order to better assess damage caused by various events. These technologies could be a boon for the insurance industry, but in the case of drones, federal regulations have limited the ways that such technologies can be used. Changing regulations could lighten the restrictions placed on drones, allowing insurers more freedom in their usage.

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