Insurance fraud suspected as false BMV calls emerge in Indiana

Auto insurance fraud

Warnings are being issued to residents of the state that the calls are not from the bureau.

The BMV in Indiana has issued a warning to the residents of the state regarding an issue that could have to do with insurance fraud phone calls that are being received in the area.

The bureau of motor vehicles has announced that there have been some suspicious phone calls.

Some motorists in the area have been at risk of insurance fraud as a company that is claiming to be the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles has been contacting them in order to discuss their auto coverage and to offer to help them to reduce the premiums that they are paying.

Auto insurance fraudHowever, the calls are to be considered insurance fraud as they are not being made by the BMV.

According to the state’s commissioner, R. Scott Waddell, there is absolutely no chance that the calls came from the actual BMV in the state. He is cautioning motorists who receive those calls that they should consider any communication of that nature, in which the caller pretends to be from the BMV and is discussing insurance rates, to be insurance fraud.

Waddell explained in his statement to the residents of Indiana that “At no time will the BMV ever contact our customers about insurance rates.” So far, there is a small amount of information known about this insurance fraud. That said, they have released the telephone number from which some of the calls have been made. They caution the public not to trust phone calls coming from 765-733-1023 – particularly if the caller claims to be from the BMV.

Anyone who has information about the source of the insurance fraud, or anyone who feels that they may be at risk of having been scammed by this company that is pretending to be the BMV and that is claiming to sell cheaper auto policies should contact the real BMV in order to share this information and receive further guidance. The Bureau of Motor Vehicles is requesting that drivers be especially vigilant about the information that they give out over the phone to calls of this nature.

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