Insurance fraud charges laid against ex-NFLer

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Byron Frisch is now one of a group of four people who have been charged with this multimillion dollar scam.

When four people were charged with having orchestrated a massive, $50 million insurance scam, it wasn’t long before it was revealed that former NFLer Byron Frisch was among them.

The charges allege that the ex defensive lineman and his colleagues had been involved in an extensive wire and mail scam.

Byron Frisch was a defensive lineman and he and his alleged partners in this scam have been charged with conspiracy to commit mail and wire insurance fraud. This took place in San Diego, California, according to recent reports.

Insurance Fraud Byron FrischThe insurance fraud was allegedly conducted based on a foundation of false information use.

In this case, authorities are alleging that Frisch and his colleagues had applied fake information in order to trick unsuspecting consumers into an insurance fraud scam that would allow those behind it to bring in over $50 million in fraudulent life policies.

The claim is that the life policies were written to individuals who were not qualified to receive them and who clearly did not have the intention of maintaining its existence by keeping up payments to their coverage. This allowed the conspirators behind the insurance fraud to collect the death benefit of elderly consumers who were under the impression that they were receiving their policies for free.

The policies purchased in this life insurance fraud scheme had million dollar benefits, which were submitted to the insurers with false details. All of the victims of this scam are believed to reside in San Diego and the surrounding area, as this is the location of Frisch’s business.

Byron Frisch, who is currently 36 years old, formerly played for the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants and is a self employed financial adviser, which places him in a key position to be able to carry out this alleged insurance fraud conspiracy. Along with Frisch, co-defendants were arraigned in this case, as well, including Kristian Giordano, an insurance broker, as well as Brenda Barrera Merriles and Kasra Sadr, who are both attorneys.

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