What Types Of Insurance are Needed for Cleaning Companies

insurance for cleaning companies and the coverages

Cleaning services come in all shapes and sizes— from solo entrepreneurs to small agencies with hired employees. No matter the type or the size of your business, your goal is the same: you want to provide top notch services with adequate coverage in case of any accidents. 

It’s a non-disputed fact that cleaning companies such as uniqueclean.ie provide important services, but it’s also crucial to build trust. Not only should your cleaning employees treat all clients with the utmost care and respect, but you should have their backs when it comes to protecting their personal property and belongings. Should an unforeseen accident take place, it’s important to have the necessary coverage that ensures your company isn’t jeopardized in the process.

Most cleaning companies will have a basic public liability insurance policy that offers protection should someone slip, trip, fall or get hurt in any way. These policies are enough to cover both the consumer as well as the cleaning employees themselves. If you’re choosing to expand your company and plan to take on more employees, you may wish to proceed with purchasing employer’s liability insurance.

insurance for cleaning companies and what you need to know

Does My Company NEED Insurance Coverage?

Regardless of where your work takes you, you will need to interact with the general public on a regular basis and when you do, having the right type of insurance policy can protect you. Though it’s not legally required in the UK for your company to hold valid insurance, having it offers a peace of mind and a knowledge that your organisation is safe in case a claim is filed against you.

Not having adequate insurance coverage puts your company at risk for losing business and consumer trust, losing time and money, and most importantly, may force you to close your doors. It’s never worth the risk to not have the right type and kind of coverage.

Here are just some of the more common worst-case-scenarios that may cost your company:

*A client has a slip and fall accident on a newly cleaned or polished floor.

*A visitor or client accidentally trips over a power cord used by your equipment.

*You spill something and cause damage inside of a client’s home.

*You break a window by accident during routine cleaning.

What Types Of Insurance Should My Company Purchase?

Since every business is just a bit different, it’s important to have the ability to work with an insurance provider that offers policies tailored to your needs. You can consider purchasing the following recommended insurance policies as a standalone product, or bundle them together with the right company! 

-Public Liability Insurance

There’s a great deal of risk for cleaners working in private residences. You handle curated collections, precious antiques, and priceless heirlooms. All of these objects could sustain potential injury or damage during the cleaning process. Additionally, clients can also get hurt if they’re present while you’re cleaning. All of these scenarios would mean you need to pay for damages incurred if your company doesn’t have the right coverage.

Public liability insurance is a type of coverage that protects your organisation should third-party damage or injury occur. This means the insurance offers compensation and legal fee reimbursement. 

-Employers’ Liability Insurance

If you have any employees, whether part-time or even on a volunteer basis, according to the Employers’ Liability Act 1969, you will need to purchase employers’ liability insurance coverage. This insurance is in place to offer protection in case any of your employees are hurt while working for you.

From working with cleaning chemicals to industrial equipment, there are many ways that employees may get hurt on the job. Accidents will happen in due time, which is why the right policy can protect you.

-Business Equipment Insurance

Regardless of the type of services your cleaning company offers, you will need to use certain types of equipment to get it all done. In case your equipment is damaged or stolen during working hours, it can hinder your performance as a cleaning company. Could you keep working without your trusted equipment? Can you afford the out-of-pocket replacement costs?

If you’re finding that you couldn’t, it’s time to consider getting business equipment insurance. These policies exist to protect any tools or pieces of equipment necessary to complete your work. 

Getting insurance isn’t just required in some instances, but it can offer protection to your company in case of an accident or injury. The more clients and employees you have, the more your organisation stands to lose if something goes wrong.


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