State Farm boosts working flexibility for insurance employees

Insurance employees - Person working from home

The company has just announced new ways for its workers to do their jobs both in the office and at home.

State Farm has announced that it is adding greater flexibility for its insurance employees by introducing new hybrid roles. These will make it possible for workers to spend some of their time doing their jobs at the office and the rest of their tasks can be completed from home.

The new approach is meant to improve efficiency within current and future insurance jobs.

This new strategy for more flexibility among its insurance employees makes it possible for substantial efficiency improvements – which is meant to be advantageous for customers – while at the same time making it possible for current and future workers to enjoy a work environment with greater flexibility.

According to an insurance news release on the insurer’s official website, the majority of its workers will have hybrid jobs. This will mean that they will still be assigned to a facility, but that they will spend some of their time working at the office and the rest of their time working from home. The decision about precisely how this will balance and play out will vary from one business area to the next.

Moreover, leaders will need to work with their team members to decide just how much time each person will spend at the office and how much will be spent at home. When all is said and done, approximately 40,000 people working for the insurance company will be hybrid. The rest will either continue to be entirely remote workers or will work exclusively in the office. The transition to this hybrid model is expected to be complete in July, at which point everyone will be working in their location balance as had been already determined.

The hybrid model for the insurance employees is continuing to evolve and will adapt with time.

The insurance news publication from State Farm said that they expect to continue learning and adapting to this new way of completing tasks. Moving forward will involve making changes to apply everything that had been learned until that point. The goal is to be able to best meet the needs of the company’s customers while simultaneously accommodating the company’s requirements and worker interests.

Insurance employees - Person working from homeSince the COVID-19 pandemic began, most State Farm insurance employees have been working from home. A small number of essential workers have continued working in the company’s offices while complying with strict safety protocols.

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