Insurance Dialogue launched new website to help people obtain coverage from Medicare

Medicare InformationInsurance Dialogue, a company serving as a liaison between consumers and insurers, has launched a new initiative to boost enrollment in the federal Medicare program. The company has developed a website that aims to help consumers find the Medicare plans that are best suited to their needs. The website,, is part of an overarching endeavor to raise awareness of health insurance amongst those that may need it most. Many of these people may not be aware that they are eligible to receive coverage through the program, especially as health care reform changes the program’s eligibility requirements.

To make the service possible, Insurance Dialogue has partnered with several other companies vested in the Medicare program. The service will prove to be a boon for agents as it will allow them to find policies that meet the needs of clients. The company’s agents will also be able to customize insurance plans if an adequate one is not found.

The hope is that the service will attract new enrollees to Medicare, many of whom may not have insurance coverage. With the health care system undergoing radical change, many of the regulations regarding federal insurance programs have shifted. Medicare and Medicaid are now more open to new enrollees if they meet more forgiving eligibility requirements. Insurance Dialogue is working to raise awareness of the availability of affordable insurance coverage throughout the nation

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