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Insurance Definitions – Usage Based Auto Insurance

Welcome to our Videonary of insurance definitions – Usage Based Auto Insurance

Here we explore insurance definitions in a short, entertaining video that gives the highlights on what usage based auto insurance is. After the video, you can review our main points listed to help seed the information you just learned.

It’s not easy to make learning about insurance fun but here we have managed to take it to a new level – teen drivers can especially use this as an entry into the insurance world that they will soon have to navigate all on their own. Its no shame to admit that you may need a little reminder on what some of these insurance terms mean…how could anybody remember all this insurance stuff anyway!

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What is Usage Based Auto Insurance:

Main points made in videonary:

1. What is usage based auto insurance 2. How it can be based on the time and location you drive in. 3. Based on Telematics and GPS technology 4. Voluntary 5. Calculates your miles driven and behavior 6. Different names for it like: Pay As You Go 7. Might not be for everyone but if you’re not driving a lot, something to consider

Here are other insurance definitions we explain:

*We are not affiliated with nor suggest this type of insurance. This is only for educational purposes.

Make sure to always check in with your insurance agent to help explain further what these insurance coverages are and how they will work for your personal insurance needs.

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