State Farm Insurance company chooses TikTok over TV for Super Bowl campaign

Insurance Company - TikTok

The insurer is taking aim at a fresh generation of consumers in its video challenge for the big game.

State Farm first started airing ads during the Super Bowl last year, and the insurance company plans to do so again in 2022, though in a notably different way.

Instead of focusing its ad dollars for an expensive TV spot, it wants to hang with viewers online.

The insurance company has decided to take a different direction than the usual marketing splurge on huge celebs and exceptionally pricy commercial spots during the game. Last year, it brought in guest appearances by Paul Rudd and Drake and paid for traditional Super Bowl ads. On the other hand, this year, it has launched the #TeamStateFarm TikTok challenge. The challenge began this week and uses the insurer’s character Jake as a talent scout evaluating the TikTok video submissions.

TikTok users that take on the challenge must show off their skills (no football talent needed) with the platform’s duet feature, while using the #TeamStateFarm hashtag. Submissions need to be in before the game, which takes place on February 13 because the best three videos will be announced on Super Bowl Sunday. The three top choices will be announced when their videos will be pinned at the top of Jake’s TikTok page. From there, users like their favorite in order to place their vote for which one should win.

Insurance Company - Millennials

The insurance company has announced its focus on TikTok to focus on a new consumer generation.

State Farm and it’s the Marketing Arm agency partners developed the 2021 Super Bowl ad together. That said, they decided to focus their energy on TikTok for 2022 “to meet the next generation of consumers by showing up where they’re spending their time and in spaces that they’re interested in.”

The TransUnion credit reporting agency has shared data showing that Gen Z and millennial spending on premiums for auto coverage rose last year. That said, there was a reduction in the amount paid by Baby Boomers and Gen X. As a result, State Farm is looking to the platform in order to keep in front of the emerging market.

“Rather than focus solely on one day and a traditional on-air spot, which admittedly was a huge success for us last year, we decided to tap into the ongoing excitement of #TeamStateFarm to extend engagement from the regular season into the postseason and beyond,” said the insurance company’s vice president of marketing Alyson Griffin.

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