Insurance companies urge policyholders to use these holiday disaster prevention tips

Holiday disaster prevention - gas stove

This year may be different than others for many families, but the same care needs to be taken.

Many gatherings this year will be much smaller than usual, but insurance companies want policyholders to remember that holiday disaster prevention is as important as ever.

2020 has been tough enough, this makes it all the more important to take action to keep everyone safe.

Among the most important holiday disaster prevention strategies you can take are those that focus on keeping your home and family safe from fire. A Christmas tree fire is one of the largest risks, according to data from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Though not as common as other types of fire, they are among the fastest and deadliest. Dry live trees and shorts in lighting and other electrical equipment and accessories are the biggest culprits.

To prevent this, your best safety tips include choosing a fire-rated artificial tree or fresh, green live tree with needles that don’t fall off when touched. No matter the type of tree, it should be kept at least 3 feet from any source of heat such as furnace vents, candles, fireplaces, lamps, and radiators. Water a live tree a minimum of once per day. Replace any light strings with loose bulb connections, that are worn, broken or that have shorts. Shut off the tree lights before going out or going to bed. When a tree dries out – no matter when it happens – remove it from your house. Never light a dry tree.

Holiday disaster prevention in the kitchen can help you to reduce some of the largest risks.

The kitchen is the most dangerous part of your home. They come with a risk of fires, burns, and food poisoning among other problems. Insurance companies are hoping that even though celebrations will often be smaller this year, insurers are reminding homeowners that 4 out of 10 house fires begin in the kitchen. The following are the safety tips insurers are recommending everyone use this year.

  • Remain in the kitchen – If the stove or a small appliance is on stay in the room with it. If you head into the living room to be with the family or watch something on TV, a lot of damage will be done before a fire is detected. Leaving cooking unattended is the leading cause of kitchen fires and casualties. If you have to leave the room, turn everything off.
  • Focus – It’s easy to be distracted on special holidays when you’re tired or have had a bit too much wine. If this is the case, get help from someone else.
  • Check on the food – Set timers and check on the food regularly to make sure everything is as it should be.
  • Keep kids away – Create a “kid free zone” that extends at least 3 feet from the stove, other hot appliances, and other hot drinks and foods. This will help to prevent the vast majority of accidental burns.

Holiday disaster prevention - gas stoveHappy Holidays from the team at Live Insurance News. We hope you use these helpful holiday disaster prevention tips for a healthy, happy and safe season.

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