Insurance companies want Marshall fire victims in Colorado to contact them now

Insurance companies - Fire in Colorado

The insurers recommend that evacuees call them right away for support with living expenses.

Approximately 30,00 people have been evacuated due to the Marshall fire in Boulder County, Colorado, and insurance companies are recommending that they contact them as soon as they can to obtain available support.

Around one thousand homes are believed to have been lost as a result of the massive blaze.

Though the final tally of affected homes or even of evacuees has yet to be counted, the fast-moving Marshall fire has forced thousands out of their homes temporarily or over the longer term. Insurance companies are reminding policyholders that their coverage often includes temporary or even longer-term living expenses under such conditions.

That said, it is particularly important for evacuees facing a total loss to make contact with their insurers as quickly as they can. Still, those with an undetermined amount of damage or who aren’t sure whether or not their homes were directly affected may still be able to receive assistance from their insurers. It’s best to let the insurer know that they are among the evacuees, and let them know where they are staying, according to Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association executive director Carole Walker.

Insurance companies - Homeowners insurance policies

The majority of insurance companies include “additional living expenses” in their home and tenant policies.

In that way, some or all the living expenses accumulated from being forced out of their homes can be reimbursed. This makes it exceptionally important to keep a record of all expenses incurred, and to speak with the insurer as soon as possible to know which ones will be covered. The sooner contact is made, the faster cash can be provided.

Such expenses can include the cost of meals at a restaurant, a hotel stay, and/or replacement clothes for anyone who had to leave with only what they were wearing. Staying with good Samaritans or with friends who offer lodging and meals for free aren’t reimbursable. Expenses are considered to be those made out-of-pocket and where a receipt was provided as record.

Insurance companies have also stated that they can help their customers to locate longer-term housing when it looks as though the policyholders won’t be able to return home for a while, for instance, when major repairs are required.

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