Insurance community receives guidelines to decrease social media risks

Social Media Marketing for Insurance AgentsThe Insurance community has released a set of social media use guidelines in an effort to mitigate the risk of using the highly popular form of marketing and communication. 

Agencies have been using social media to communicate with their potential and current customers, colleagues, underwriters, referral sources, and others.  That said, serious consequences have been arising as a result of its improper use. 

 The following guidelines have been released for the use of the insurance community when using social media. 

  1. Understand your reader – it is important to get to know who will be reading the posts.  Understand that social media is open to everyone from clients to coworkers and superiors, and that care should be taken with the way that any post is written.
  2. Maintain respect – never use a post as a place to criticize or say other negative comments about anyone else, including individuals, current and former clients, coworkers, or competitors.
  3. Be professional but conversational – write in the same way that you would hold a conversation with a client or peer.  Don’t write stuffy posts riddled with industry jargon, but avoid too much casual slang.
  4. Make it worth the reader’s time – uses posts in the same way as any other form of communication.  They should be worthwhile and have value to the reader.
  5. Be positive – whenever there’s an opportunity to say something good about the firm, post it.
  6. Be honest – don’t use social media (or anything else for that matter) to mislead people or misrepresent your firm.  Use your posts for transparency and to build a relationship of trust between people and your firm.
  7. Keep it professional – try to keep your personal life out of your posts and limit posting any controversial opinions you may have.
  8. Be Copyright Law Compliant – don’t copy-paste or quote without adequate referencing to the source.
  9. Follow the policies of the firm – the privacy policy, confidentiality policy, internet usage policies, and other regulations should all be carried over and followed when using social media.

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