Insurance claims industry one of top ten fastest growing job markets

Insurance JobsThough employment continues to struggle across the country during this slow recovery from the recession, there have been several industries – such as insurance claims – where it is anticipated that there will be a rapid spike in hiring and employment for the upcoming few years. 

According to IBISWorld, an industry research firm, It is believed that there will be a growth rate of 5.7 percent every year from now until 2016 in employment in the areas of claims adjusting and third party administrators. 

The number of employees in that field should hit approximately 452,577 by 2016, from it’s the current number of claims positions, which sits at 343,089. 

Ever more frequently, insurance brokers and carriers are using outsourcing to staff their functions relating to risk management.  The result is that insurance claim firms and third-party administrators are needing to boost the size of their staff.  IBISWorld has stated that the insurance industry as a whole will be taking advantage of a massive rebound within this general economy where there will be an increase in the need for commercial insurance, and a rise in the requirement for claims adjustment services. 

Moreover, direct insurers and pension funds will maintain their outsourcing behaviors, and risk management and advisory services will gain from this while insurers, businesses, and individuals use them for hedging their liabilities and mitigating their risks. 

Also included on the top ten list for the industries that are growing the fastest in the United States are used car dealers, multi-family home builders, manufacturers of sustainable building materials, remediation services, and environmental cleanup services.

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