Insurance Checkup campaign launches in Connecticut to help consumers understand their insurance policies

Insurance NewsIn an effort to raise consumer awareness of their insurance policies, the Connecticut Department of Insurance has launched a new campaign called “Insurance Checkup.” Many consumers understand what their insurance policies do and do not cover, but a significant number have no clue. This can lead to trouble when it times to file claims and policyholders meet with rejection because their policies do not cover a specific event. Insurance Commissioner Thomas Leonardi cites the disastrous 2011 as inspiration for the initiative.

Last year, Connecticut residents fell victim to a number of natural disasters. Many saw their insurance claims denied because their policies did not cover damage caused by floods. While consumers quickly issued complaints against their insurance providers, regulators noted that the language in most policies was quite clear and that consumers did not take enough time to ensure they were protected appropriately. Thus, the Insurance Checkup campaign was born in order to teach consumers more about their policies.

The Department of Insurance is inviting Connecticut consumers to submit questions regarding their insurance policies to the agency’s consumer affairs unit. The unit will be responsible for assisting consumers understand their policies and highlight where their coverage plans may be lacking. The unit will also make suggestions based upon the needs of consumers and can help consumers determine whether an agent or company is properly licensed.

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