Insurance App Development in 2021: Everything You Need To Know

More and more people are looking for efficient ways to get insurance services. And mobile app development is the answer to their demand. Insurance mobile apps will simplify working with insurance and help users solve existing problems even when they’re on the road. 

Let’s deep dive into insurance app development and how users can benefit from it. 

Issues Insurance Apps Solve

What do you need insurance software applications for? It can guide users through different insurance aspects and make working with insurance more effective. Below, you’ll find significant challenges insurance apps can solve.

How insurance app solves main challenges

  • Individualization. All people want to get information that answers their requests and interests. And the traditional insurance process makes it difficult to achieve. That’s where an app solution comes in handy.
  • Based on users’ needs, it provides them with relevant information directly, hiding unnecessary info. Thus, clients get the right insurance solution effortlessly. 
  • Prompt pricing. Not all insurance organizations provide their users with clear prices for various insurance services. Custom insurance app can fix it. Based on customers’ requests, your app can give them instant quotes when they’re looking for particular insurance offers.
  • Quality of service. Insurance apps are a valuable source of information. Agents can be aware of the latest insurance changes and trends. Thus, they can sharpen their knowledge to give their users professional service.  
  • Quick interaction. The app lets clients and insurance agents reach out to each other fast. Customers can get the necessary service per few clicks. Besides, if there is a claim, it can be handled fast, and all insurance operations can be performed from any point of the world. 

Why Insurance Business Need a Mobile App

Insurance companies who start to use mobile apps can get a vast competitive lead. From increasing the quality of service to improving their business processes in general. Let’s consider the core benefits of insurance apps for businesses.

Main benefits of insurance app

  • Simplify claims processing. Mobile apps reduce the workload of insurers since it speeds up the claims processing. Instead of dealing with papers, agents can spend their time gaining new clients. Customers can take a snapshot of an accident and send it to their insurance agents via a mobile insurance app to get a related payment.
  • Insurance telematics. Telematics devices are beneficial both for insurers and customers. They help insurance providers understand how you drive your car. Using a sensor installed under the vehicle’s dash, insurance managers can monitor the driver’s behavior in real-time. In turn, customers experienced in driving cars can get special bonuses and cut down the insurance fees through their mobile application.
  • Sales efficiency growth. Insurance agents can quickly reach their offices through mobile insurance applications. Moreover, they have access to sales automation tools and CRM tools that boost customers’ management efficiency. 
  • Make a deal on the first appointment. Insurance apps can help agents close the deal during the first appointment since it calculates the price very fast. Agents can sign  documents in digital form using a mobile device and proceed with payment through the integrated payment system.

Types of Mobile Insurance Apps

Let’s consider different types of insurance apps that can help you streamline the workflow and offer better services for customers. 

1. App for Claims Settlement

Most of the time, claims handlers work outside, so mobility is a great way to increase productivity and simplify access to documents.

App for claims settlement may include:

  • Documents library. All necessary documents are stored in one place, and claim handlers can easily access required documents
  • Claims information. All the required information about the last claims they manage
  • Photo uploading feature. Agents can make a photo and upload it to the app
  • Communication with clients. Handlers can reach out to the customers quickly using the integrated chat
  • Digital signature. There is no need to print the documents since handlers can sign documents on tablets

2. Apps for Sales Management

In some cases, it may be challenging for brokers to find the necessary information fast. With the help of sales maintenance apps, managers can easily access marketing materials, monitor customers, and sell various services.

The app may contain the following features:

  • Documents library. All sales materials store in the app, and brokers can access them anytime
  • Monitoring. The app can track information regarding each customer to help brokers provide personalized service
  • News feed. Brokers stay updated with the latest news regarding present customers and economic issues that may affect customers’ decisions

3. App for Travel Insurance

Travelers insurance app provides users with up-to-date information about health and security policies in the destination country, flights schedule, maps, and weather reports. 

Thus, you can quickly update your insurance via the app if you decide to engage in activities that are not topped by your current insurance plan.

4. App for Car Insurance

Car insurance apps can track your driving capabilities. The app provides drivers helpful tips regarding correct driving manners to decrease the possible risks in the future.

Hence, agents can find a reliable driver, and your company can offer this client discounts that motivate them to drive carefully. In the case of accidents, the drivers can take a picture and upload it to the app. The mobile app lets them collect all necessary insurance information effectively. 

MVP Features of the Insurance App

After you’ve decided what types of insurance apps you need, it’s time to create an MVP model to ensure your solution meets customers’ needs. Below you’ll find the core features of any insurance app.

Basic features for insurance app

  • Push notifications. This feature lets you send billions of messages, offers, and other information directly to customers’ smartphones.  
  • History. It’s essential to include a story about your company and your team to increase customer loyalty and make them use your service.
  • Geolocation. This feature is beneficial both for customers and insurance agents. Customers can use it to find the office, agents — to monitor the clients’ movements ( travel insurance apps, auto insurance apps, and so on). If your clients are going abroad, you can help them to find a hotel. 
  • Integrated chat. Provide communication between the client and agent. So all contract details can be resolved in a matter of seconds.
  • Quick registration form. This option lets users register their insurance policy and digital signature without attending the office. 
  • In-app payment system. The customer can pay the price for the deal conclusion. It’s better to use ready-made APIs of available payment system. You just need to pick up the right plan.

Wrapping Up

Mobile insurance apps are irreplaceable tools both for customers and insurance agents since everything can be done online. Moreover, the insurance agents will get the additional marketing channel available for customers 24/7 hours. The point is to determine what types of insurance apps the company needs.

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