Innovation Group launches new form of tech to engage audience of insurers

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Insurance NewsThe next generation of innovation is now available from the solutions providing company’s North America operation.

The latest announcement from Insurance Initiative, a worldwide software solutions and business process outsourcing (BPO) provider that specializes in that industry, is that it has launched a brand new insurance technology initiative.

This effort is called the Future of Insurance, and it is was created by the organization’s North America operation. It is meant to solidify how important it is for insurers to adopt new and innovative methods to optimize their companies by working with partners that can provide them with strong and effective solutions to the disruptions that are being maintained in the industry’s traditions.

The initiative addresses the fact that the industry is one that is continually in flux.

Whenever change is on its way to the rest of the economy, it is this industry that must face it first. Therefore, according to the initiative, proper insurance technology, behaviors, and consumer expectations must be taken into consideration. This combination of BPO services and new tech are what allows insurers to keep up with the necessary innovative solutions for stepping away from the traditional assumptions and disruptions that are holding them back.

At the heart of the initiative is an industry roadmap with interactive features for illustrating the intricate way that the future will unfold, including the challenges faced every day and that the company’s solutions are designed to help to overcome.

The Future of Insurance also features a new group at LinkedIn, offering important industry data.

This information is offered by way of helpful videos hosted by Kimberly Harris-Ferrante from Gartner, and Andy Roberts, the CEO of Innovation Group. Together, they discuss the efforts that insurers should be making in order to meet the current and future demands of consumers and the industry as a whole.

The group will also be working with its partners to perform a survey that will collect input about the industry regarding its future and how insurers will navigate a form of scavenger hunt that will generate an industry dialogue about the future if insurance technology, processes, and behaviors.


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