Independent Courier Insurance Spikes in Popularity from Common New Jobs

Independent Courier Insurance - Bike Rider

As businesses hire a growing number of people on bicycles, scooters or cars, liability coverage needs rise.

Businesses of all sizes are looking to different types of delivery options for convenience and savings, requiring many self-employed individuals to seek independent courier insurance.

Not all couriers work for massive global companies and those on bikes and scooters need coverage, too.

Damage and liability issues are the most important part of independent courier insurance. These typically have to do with the vehicle being used to make the deliveries as well as the goods being delivered.

The majority of independent delivery professionals will carry smaller items such as medical samples and devices, legal documents, mail, food, or even newspapers and magazines. Though it’s can seem obvious that coverage can be very important in the case of legal documents and medical supplies, it is equally handy when delivering something as simple as newspapers and magazines. The key is to know which type of coverage is needed.

independent courier insurance what is covered

Some insurers offer niche products specifically for independent courier insurance needs.

They usually feel that an insurance policy is required if any of the following conditions are met:

• You operate your own courier business. Like any business, certain amounts of coverage are necessary, particularly liability coverage.
• You use your own personal vehicle – bike, scooter, car, etc – to make the deliveries. Even if that vehicle already has a personal policy, a commercial policy is required as any business use is not covered by a personal policy.
• You deliver packages that can be set down (as opposed to exclusively handed to a customer), as it could lead to tripping that results in bodily injury, for instance.
• You deliver documents containing confidential, personal or sensitive information. In case of loss, theft or damage to those documents, a lawsuit could ensue.
• Liability insurance to cover damage caused by the delivery vehicle whether in use or parked (for instance, if the bike tips over and scratches a car).

The types of liability coverage provided by independent courier insurance take in the kinds of exposures these individuals can experience when taking packages and documents from one place to another. It can help to ensure that any potential lawsuit relating to business activities will not result in financially devastating outcomes.

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