#1 Way to Immediately Increase Agency Book of Business

Increase book of business learn spanish

Allstate Santa Clarita insurance agent Kimberley Ellison understands that communication is key.

Santa Clarita insurance agent Kimberley Ellison knows that the key to growing an agency book of business isn’t in gimmicks and marketing ploys.  It’s in communication.

This Allstate agent is an active member of her community and encourages her team to be the same.

As such, Ellison has come to know the shape of her community, understanding that the population she serves as a Santa Clarita insurance agent is 28 percent Hispanic. What does this mean in terms of supporting the growth of her agency book of business through her top rule? It means making sure the team is equipped with Spanish speakers. This makes it possible to more easily and effectively communicate with more than a quarter of the community they serve.

Ellison recommends at least one of two primary bilingualism strategies:

  1. Hire an employee who is a fluent Spanish speaker and/or
  2. Offer free Spanish language training to existing employees, with a bonus offered to those who sign-up for these lessons.

Ellison has enjoyed the increasing agency book of business using her own communication recommendations.

The following are only some of the benefits Ellison has experienced from offering bilingual service to her current and potential customers:

  • Enjoying one of the simplest and most affordable ways to make existing customers happier.
  • Boosting existing book of business retention.
  • Being able to communicate with large segments of the community, making it possible to increase agency book of business by opening up an entirely new flow of incoming customers without having to pay for leads.
  • Increasing new business for auto, home, renters’, motorcycle and life products.
  • Improving the service offerings list by advertising service in additional languages on social media, in marketing emails, in yelp listings, etc.

As a Santa Clarita insurance agent, Ellison’s agency provides service in Spanish.

The substantial Hispanic population in Santa Clarita makes service in Spanish a natural and logical choice for Ellison’s team.  Moreover, as Ellison’s second agency is located in Castaic, where there is a similar Hispanic population percentage to that of Santa Clarita, she knows that serving her community effectively means doing so in both English and Spanish.

“Being able to offer quotes and servicing clients that feel more comfortable speaking Spanish has been a huge value to my agency,” explained Ellison, pointing to the importance of the additional language to her insurance agency book of business. “We’re reaching new clients, in new areas and getting a ton of referrals.”

Santa Clarita Insurance Agency Kimberley Ellison Agency Book of Business

Growing an agency book of business by communicating in another language

The success Kimberley Ellison has enjoyed in increasing her agency book of business by offering bilingual customer service is only one of hundreds of examples of how additional languages are a meaningful and nearly immediately beneficial service offering.

This is particularly true in communities where the demographic includes sizable groups of people who speak a language other than English.  Agents across Los Angeles County and across the rest of California, for that matter, stand to open the door to entire neighborhoods within the areas they serve, simply by adding a Spanish speaker to the team.

The Los Angeles County population is 47 percent Hispanic, while the entire state’s population is 36 percent Hispanic.  This helps to clearly illustrate just how much growth an agency book of business can experience by improving communication with such a large number of local prospective customers.

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