Importance of hurricane insurance and preparedness underscored by NOAA predictions

Hurricane season 2012

Hurricane season 2012

Official storm season forecasts include eight Atlantic hurricanes.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has released its predictions for the 2012 storm season, drawing attention to the importance of preparedness and proper coverage through hurricane insurance.

The NOAA’s report says that there will be from four to eight hurricanes this year.

It explained that these severe weather events will fall in among the nine to fifteen named storms that have a 70 percent chance of occurring before the season is up. Furthermore, among the hurricanes, up to three will be considered major, with winds exceeding 111 miles per hour.

Though this does not make 2012 an exceptional storm season, and this keeps it within the “near normal” category for this type of severe weather activity, it is still an important reminder that even one occurrence can be devastating to a business or home. Looking over the seasons twenty years ago there was a lower than normal forecast, but that was the year in which Hurricane Andrew struck the country on August 24. This anniversary shows how homeowners and business owners must now have emergency plans in place.

Plans must be reviewed, buildings secured, supplies purchased, and hurricane insurance obtained.

This should all be done no later than August 1, the time in which the storm season becomes the most active. Unfortunately, even those who reside in the most heavily impacted areas are often inadequately prepared. Residents and business owners can do a number of very fast and easy things to keep themselves and their properties and possessions safe.

Among the top tips from hurricane insurance companies are:

• Install storm shutters to protect all windows from high winds and flying debris.
• Accumulate emergency supplies for every person in residence.
• Have an evacuation plan ready and practice this plan with the whole family (pets included).
• Businesses should also have this type of plan and it should be practiced with all employees.

It is also recommended that hurricane insurance policies be carefully reviewed to make sure that if damage from high winds and flooding (regardless of whether it is from a broken pipe, backed up storm drain, or rising water levels) will be adequately covered.

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