Illinois Startup Aims To Make Dashcams Popular In The USA

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Willowbrook, IL – Illinois-based online startup Eyewitness Dashcams aims to bring dashboard cameras to the United States on a large scale. They aim to educate the public about dashboard cameras and show them as an important part of car security.

Dashboard cameras are small recording devices that don’t mount on the dash as the name suggests, but on the windshield or behind the rear-view mirror, capturing everything that someone sees while driving.

These cameras are very popular in countries like Russia and South Korea, where insurance fraud is quite rampant – a video of a man intentionally jumping onto a driver’s windshield in South Korea went quite viral some time ago.

A few years back, a meteorite exploding over Russia was caught by many motorists using their dashcams.

“Dashcams are beginning to gain popularity in the United States,” says Shabbir Nooruddin, who is the founder of Eyewitness Dashcams. “While most people are aware of the videos caught by dashcams, they are now beginning to realize what an asset dashcam footage can be in the case of an incident.”

A quick search for “dash cam” on YouTube will yield thousands of results, ranging from the mundane to the wild.dashcams

“Some people even use dash cameras as security devices for their cars – some cameras have a parking mode where they begin recording whenever they detect motion, even if the car is off”, he adds.

While auto insurance fraud isn’t quite as widespread here as it is elsewhere, it is still present. In Massachussetts, nearly 1200 people were arrested in the early 2000s for participating in “staged accidents”.

To make the researching process easier, Eyewitness Dashcams is focused on producing buying guides and very detailed product information for people to easily see what they need.

While cheap dash cams are available starting at below $100, Eyewitness Dashcams only sells premium dash cams. “Cheap dashcams are cheap for a reason,” says Nooruddin. “If you want to protect an asset like a car, then you should go for the best.”

To learn more, visit Eyewitness Dashcams. For any questions and inquiries, contact Shabbir Nooruddin at info[at]eyewitnessdashcams[dot]com.

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