Idaho officials warn of health insurance fraud

Idaho health insurance

Fraud activities cause concern for health insurance regulators

Idaho residents are being warned by the state’s Department of Insurance to be cautious of fraud concerning the Affordable Care Act. State regulators are suggesting that some consumers may be targeted by malicious groups that seek to exploit the confusion surrounding the federal law. This exploitation could lead to major financial disturbance for some consumers and leave them without adequate health insurance coverage. The Department of Insurance has begun working to inform consumers of what they can look for in order to identify potential fraud.

State uncovers fraudulent groups seeking to exploit consumer confusion

According to the Department of Insurance, many groups have been uncovered throughout the U.S. that are taking advantage of confused consumers. These groups are using this confusion to disguise their true nature and are selling fraudulent health insurance coverage for monetary gain. In Idaho, some of these groups are presenting themselves as working for the state’s health insurance exchange and are collecting personal information from consumers in order to exploit them financially.

Idaho Health InsuranceExchange will not be active until October 1

State officials note that the Idaho health insurance exchange does not begin open enrollment until October 1. This means that the exchange is not currently reaching out to consumers and will not do so until the open enrollment period begins. Regulators are warning consumers to exercise caution when they receive any form of contact coming from a group or individual claiming to represent the state’s exchange or the Affordable Care Act in general. Regulators note that malicious parties typically ask for financial information, such as credit card and bank account number, in order to send consumers fraudulent insurance documentation.

State issues facts concerning Affordable Care Act and health insurance

According to the Idaho Department of Insurance, neither the state nor the federal government will contact consumers to sell them health insurancenr68kpthnl6B8D87GB687E9D8AA products of any kind. Moreover, consumers will not have to receive new insurance documentation in order to comply with the Affordable Care Act. The state’s authorized health insurance exchange representatives will also already have access to a consumer’s personal information and will not ask for it. Furthermore, some fraud groups are suggesting that consumers could face jail time for not having health insurance coverage. While the Affordable Care Act does require all U.S. citizens to hold health insurance policies beginning January 1, 2014, failure to do so will only result in a monetary fine, not a jail sentence.

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