Idaho health insurance exchange will not be run by the Government

Idaho health insurance

Idaho will operate its own health insurance exchange

Updated Article: Contrary to recent reports, the Idaho health insurance exchange will not be operated by the federal government in 2014. Previous reports had suggested that the state’s health insurance exchange would fall under federal jurisdiction due to the state’s failure to meet federal deadline concerning plans for the exchange. According to the Idaho Health Insurance Exchange, however, this is not the case. The exchange will be operated by the state and will begin open enrollment in October of this year.

State organization to manage exchange

The Idaho Health Insurance Exchange will be responsible for managing the various aspects of the state’s digital marketplace. The organization will oversee the policies sold through the exchange and ensure that they adhere to state health insurance regulations. These policies will also meet the minimum coverage standards that are outlined in federal law. The organization will also be establishing a consumer resource center that is meant to help consumers navigate the exchange and find the coverage that is most suitable to their needs.

Exchange to offer plans compliant with Idaho and federal regulationsIdaho Health Insurance

While the state will, indeed, be operating its own health insurance exchange, plans for this exchange did experience turbulence during their early stages. The exchange is a relatively complex system that is meant to comply with both state and federal regulations. The federal government has provided limited guidance concerning how these exchanges take form and how it would find regulatory balance without causing any significant problems for consumers.

Exchange to have website and enrollment application ready later this year

The Idaho Health Insurance Exchange is currently working on developing a website through which state residents will be able to find a variety of services concerning the exchange and what it has to offer. Later this year, the organization is expected to launch an application that will assist in the exchange’s enrollment process. The aim of this application is to make enrollment into the state’s health insurance exchange as convenient as possible.

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