Idaho health insurance exchange is off to a good start

Idaho health insurance

State officials make note of the exchange’s strong performance

Idaho officials claim that the state’s health insurance exchange is off to a good start. Your Health Idaho, the state’s exchange, has reported that it has received 74,689 enrollments since the begin of the open enrollment period through December 14. Enrollments are a combination of new applicants and those renewing the coverage they found last year through the exchange. The state’s efforts to promote the exchange seem to have been successful thus far.

Idaho exchange manages to recover from the technical issues of the past

During the first month of the open enrollment period of 2013, only 338 people applied for coverage through the state’s insurance exchange. During the entirety of the open enrollment period, the exchange struggled to reach the 76,000 enrollee threshold. Many people found it impossible to apply for coverage through the state’s exchange because of its technical faults. The state has been working over the past year to rectify these issues to ensure consumers can use the exchange.

Federal exchange network made it difficult for the Idaho exchange to serve consumers

Idaho is one of the relatively few states that has opted to build and manage its own health insurance exchange. The state had some trouble developing the exchanges website during the last open enrollment period and had instead relied on the federal The federal exchange network was plagued with technical issues that affected the performance of Idaho’s insurance exchange. This year, the state is not relying completely on the federal exchange network, and Idaho has taken steps to ensure it can serve those looking for insurance coverage.

Your Health Idaho welcomes new staff to help manage consumer demand

Idaho health insuranceYour Health Idaho has hired more staff in order to help manage the high volume of calls the exchange receives. Exchange workers are also helping to manage the glitches that some consumers have encountered. Some people have encountered problems with the enrollment process that has made it very difficult for them to purchase coverage through the exchange. State officials believe that the exchange will be operating without issue during the next open enrollment period.

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