Hurricane season starts today and Jeff Atwater issued insurance advice

hurricane season insurance losses storm

The Florida Department of Financial Services CFO recommends that homeowners look again at their policies.

Florida Department of Financial Services CFO Jeff Atwater cautioned state residents that the hurricane season begins. He reminded them that sooner is better than later when it comes to reviewing a business or homeowners insurance policy to ensure the right coverage is there.

Should a storm be identified and named, it’s too late to contact an insurer to change protection levels.

“For a better chance of a complication-free claims process, Floridians should carefully review all insurance policies to ensure that proper coverage is in place for their home, car, and belongings,” said Atwater in a media release. He added that some of the most common complications during hurricane season include inadequate business and homeowners insurance coverage as well as a lack of appropriate documentation to prove the degree of damage that occurred.

Florida Insurance Commissioner David Altmaier seconded the hurricane season recommendations.

hurricane season insurance losses stormAltmaier stated that the unique Floridian risk associated with tropical storms, particularly throughout the season when hurricanes are most likely to occur, requires the state to have a solid disaster plan. For that reason the he said that the time has arrived for Floridians to look at their insurance policies, to understand their needs, to make the necessary changes and to prepare both their homes and their families, just in case.

Forecasts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration suggest that this year’s season will have more storms than usual. It begins today and runs right through to the end of November. It expects up to 17 named tropical storms and hurricanes occurring in the Atlantic basin.

Atwater also recommended that everyone in Florida write down the toll-free insurance helpline number in the state and keep it somewhere that they won’t lose it. The number, which is 1-800-693-5236, connects state residents with experts who can provide them with assistance in filing insurance claims, as well as overcoming problems and challenges throughout the process with the insurance company.

“I hope that having free and ready access to insurance expertise can help the recovery process run more efficiently for Florida families,” said Atwater in his hurricane season press release.

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